Q: Why does each item have 3 different prices ?

A: Each item has 3 different prices because we supply 3 Price Classes, which are set according to your Minimum Order Amount (MOA). To get the lower price, you can change your price class which will require a larger MOA.

Q: Are the photographs and videos on Eve’s Night copyrighted ?

A: Yes, all information, data, text, photographs, graphics, audio, videos, messages and other material appearing on evesnight.com are owned by Eve’s Night and its licensors.

Q: Can I display your photographs and videos on my online stores ?

A: Yes, you may use our photographs and videos on your online stores as long as you are authorized. We authorized our customers to use the content of the PURCHASED items by issuing a license file.

Q: How do I make a sample order ?

A: Eve’s Night welcomes customers to order samples to check our quality. There are two ways you can get a sample:
A) Apply for a free sample
Step 1. Register to create an account on Eve’s Night.com.
Step 2. Go to the sample application page (http://b2b.evesnight.com/sample).
Step 3. Choose the sample you want.
Step 4. Fill in the required information and click "SUBMIT".
Step 5. If your application is approved, we will inform you through email and send out the samples as soon as possible.

B) Make a sample order in Price Class A
Eve’s Night didn’t ask MOQ so the customer can buy only many items in one piece in Price Class A in which the MOA is only 300 dollors.
If you need more help with samples, please Contact Us.

Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) ?

A: No, we don’t have Minimum Order Quantity. One piece/per style is accepted. However, your orders need to reach the Minimum Order Amount of the Price Class you have chosen.

Q: What is the Minimum Order Amount (MOA) ?

A: MOA is the lowest amount you need to spend when placing order on Eve’s Night online store. The MOA of the 3 Price Classes are different. In Price Class A, the MOA is $300; In Price Class B, $1000; In Price Class C, $3000.
Please note that the same item is priced differently in different Price Classes. After changing Price Classes, the prices of the products in your cart will be changed according to your current Price Class.

Q: What is a Promo Code ?

A: A promo code is a number and/or letter combination, which can be used for a discount when you shop at Eve’s Night for the first time. You can get discounts by entering the promo code at the checkout page. Please note that promo codes are exclusive to new customers and can be used ONCE ONLY.

Q: What is a Reward Card ?

A: Eve’s night may send a Reward Card or give store credit as a reward for old costumers or as compensation for delayed shipment. Customers can use it to pay for an order before the card’s expiration date. Please note that one reward card can be used only ONCE. You can find all your Reward Card information in My Account.